“Soft Serve” Cupcakes – How to create a mixed icing swirl

I enjoy experimenting with the icing on my cupcakes, as it’s really that aspect that makes cupcakes fun, otherwise they are just lovely little cakes. My most recent batch called for both simplicity and extra creativity as I realised I don’t have any food colouring or the little tools I fashioned when living with my folks and commandeering my mom’s kitchen.

With only cocoa to create a contrasting colour, I decided to ice the cupcakes in a style reminiscent of vanilla and chocolate soft-serve (or as dad calls them, twirly-curly) ice-creams.20150617_191237

It takes a little bit of time and care, but is actually quite simple:

  1. Make plain butter icing as you normally would, but make sure it is quite stiff (add the milk very slowly; I used less than one tablespoon). (I use the Jenny Colgan icing recipe, with or without vanilla)
  2. Spoon half the icing into a separate bowl and stir in cocoa – as much as needed to make the icing as dark as you like.20150617_185315
  3. Use a knife to fill an icing gun half way with the cocoa icing. Use another knife to fill the other half with white icing. (If you are using an icing bag, place the bag in a high-ball glass to create a solid “frame” like that of an icing gun while filling)20150617_185620
  4. Using a flower shaped icing nozzle, ice in a spiral pattern beginning at the edge of the cupcake and moving towards the middle. Your icing should come out in a two-tone pattern as you move around the cupcake. End with a quick lift of the gun to create a point. That’s it!2015-06-17 19.43.39

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