Christmas Quickie: Cupcakes

I love Christmas! I love the feeling of goodwill in the air, the family and friend get-togethers, church services and carols, nativity scenes, Christmas trees, and the spirit of giving. I even love Boney M in the stores! I also love the wonderful food one gets to cook and bake especially for the season.

So, when friends emailed to say they would be visiting briefly  in the week before Christmas, it was the perfect opportunity to bring together the festive feeling of friendship and the fun of the kitchen, and make Christmas-themed cupcakes.IMG-20141215-02927

Using my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe for the cakes, the decoration was as follows:

Buttercream icing:

63g soft margarine (beaten)

125g icing sugar

1.5 tsp milk

Beat together to a workable thickish consistency.

Spread a thin even layer of this white icing on each cupcake.

When all cupcakes are covered, add a few drops of green food colouring to the remaining icing and stir well.

Water icing:

Make a half a cup of fairly thick water icing (just icing sugar and water), and colour it red.

Make a quarter cup of fairly thick water icing, and add cocoa to make it brown.

Tree cupcakes

Mark a line down the middle of the cupcake, using a sharp knife or kebab stick. Using a teaspoon and knife, add a small rectangle of brown water icing at one end of the line, with an even spread on either side. This is the trunk.

Using a star fitting on a piping bag or gun, and holding the gun upright, pipe green buttercream icing rosettes in a triangle pattern, starting with a single rosette at the top of the marked middle line, and adding rosettes row by row, with the last row piped over the brown trunk.IMG-20141215-02934

Using the narrowest hole fitting, pipe small balls of red water icing in places on the green icing, to decorate the tree with “berries”.

Finally, add a gold confectioners ball to the top rosette for the “star”.IMG-20141215-02928 - Copy

Wreath cupcakes

Using the star fitting, pipe green buttercream icing rosettes in a circle right around the cupcake, evenly near the edge.

Using the narrow hole fitting, pipe red water icing in a bow (2 triangles meeting each other point to point) on two or three of the green rosettes.

Pipe two lines of red icing from the middle of the bow, onto the white icing.

Pipe small balls of red water icing in places on the green icing, to decorate the wreath with “berries”.IMG-20141215-02928 - Copy (2)

Merry Christmas!!


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