Pupcakes – a little cupcake creativity

Once you have a good cupcake recipe (like Jenny Colgan’s Failsafe Vanilla Cupcakes), there really is no end to the ideas you can bring to life with some creative icing and decorating.

Take, for instance, these adorable Maltese Poodle puppy cupcakes: ????????????????????

Although they take quite a bit of time and patience, and quite a lot of icing, they are not very difficult to make at all.

I used butter icing, and the key here is not to make the icing too soft. Add just the smallest amount of milk after beating the butter and icing sugar.

The puppies’ heads are halved marshmallows, secured to the cupcake with a blob of icing.

 To begin with, I spread a very thin rough layer of icing over the cupcake surface, to ensure there would be some icing wherever one bit.

The fur was created using the large star fitting of the icing gun. Using short strokes, in a random pattern, I began on the front edge of cupcake, and then continued on the top and sides of the marshmallow. I used very short strokes on the marshmallow, to create a “face” area. I then iced a star blob in the front of the face to create the nose. Once this was done, I continued with rough short strokes all around the cupcake and behind the head, to create the furry body.

The ears were just small triangles cut from the fondant of Liquorice Allsorts, placed in the icing at appropriate sites. The tongues were small pieces of glacé cherries pushed under the nose.

The eyes and nose were liquorice, but I wouldn’t recommend this for children, most of whom have a real aversion to it. Perhaps use chocolate chips, or make a little bit of chocolate icing – ensure it’s firm and dark – and pipe the eyes and nose in the appropriate place.

The end product looks like this:IMG-20140627-01481 (800x600)GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA????????????????????


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