Just another Bit about Brittle

While I wait to update the blog about the delicious caramel cake I made last week (was it good? Well, mum ate half the cake the same afternoon I made it. Just saying.) I thought I’d share that I finally made Cashew Nut Brittle, the brittle that drove me, well….nutty, when I first began making sweets. As noted previously, each recipe I found had differences in just about every aspect of the making.

Now that I’ve settled on the simplest of all recipes for brittle (sugar – melt, nuts – roast, combine – stir, set, eat) and tried it with almonds and mixed nuts, I decided that the time had finally come to make the cashew nut version. This was also prompted by a dear older lady in our church who could do with a little TLC at the moment and loves Brittle. Cashews just seem the most appropriate nut for that kind of gift.

I’m happy to report that the brittle turned out great! I decided to leave the nuts whole, which resulted in a thicker brittle, which is actually nicely different. I may chop them next time, though, if I want more pieces; this thicker version naturally meant less “spread” and thus fewer pieces. I did chop the pieces smaller, as I figure what you lose in surface area you gain in total volume, so still managed a decent batch. Cashew brittle

All that remains to be seen is how mum splits the batch between herself and the dear church lady.

Or is that whether mum splits the batch?…


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