Kitchen Tip #4 – Plastic makes Perfect

Flu and bronchitis have kept me far from the kitchen and candy experiments this week (not just because they’re mood-killers, but also because for me hygiene in the kitchen is non-negotiable at all times and constant coughing and sneezing, well…), so I thought I’d share another practical titbit that may be useful in your kitchen too.

If, like me, many of the recipes you use are printouts from online sources, slide the recipe into a clear plastic sleeve when using it in the kitchen. That way, the text is still visible, and if you spill or splash on the recipe, it’s actually on the plastic sleeve, which can easily be wiped, leaving the recipe itself stain and spatter free. (I file all my sweet recipes together in a single plastic sleeve anyway, and simply move the page I’m using to the top of the pile).

Similarly, if you are using a recipe book, place the book – open at the recipe you’re using – in a clear plastic bag large enough to hold and protect the open book. (This assumes that your recipe book is one which is user-friendly enough to have each recipe on a single page,  or at least facing pages, and does not require page turning at that crucial moment halfway through.) It doesn’t have to be a kitchen bag, the one in the photo is actually from a man’s shirt, a nice firm clear plastic that fits that particular book perfectly.Plastic Covers

So, while you may not have “no mess” on the recipes while you work, with plastic protecting them, you can at least have “no fuss” cleaning them after, ensuring your favourites stay perfect for use again and again.


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