Kitchen Tip #1

It’s always a good idea to assemble all your ingredients before beginning any creation in the kitchen. This way, you avoid getting halfway before realising you are missing a critical ingredient, and cannot actually finish the product you had planned.

Equally useful, though seldom mentioned, is the habit of packing away or discarding the container for each ingredient as you use it. Eggshells in the bin as soon as the eggs are in, sugar barrel back in the cupboard once the cups needed have been poured, vanilla essence back on the shelf after being added. And so on. This way, your work area becomes clearer as you go, you can quickly see if you’ve left an ingredient out (if the container is still there it means what’s in it isn’t in your mixture), and – and here’s the best part – when your sweets are cooking and cooling, your kitchen is already pretty tidy! Just the dishes to do, and these are not often many. Gotta love it!


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